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Ruston Engine Spares

1) VRO plain Bearings 3in i/d & 2.75” i/d
2) VHR new boxed  Rockers and Pins
3) VPH for 165 main Bearings 3 sets 4.25” i/d
4) VRO main Bearings 6 x new .10” undersize.
5) VRO Rockers, Pins, Nuts.
6) VSO, Vo/VH Gudgen pins 3.75” X 1.5”
7) VRO Main & Thrust Bearings.
8) DL 30 or 31 slow speed Pinion. I/d 3.25” length 3”.
9) VRO Rocker Bushes, Shaft fuel pump drive. Gear shaft
10) VRO Large end con rod Bearing.
11) VPH for 165 Valve Cotters, Collars & Springs
12) VRO Cyl Studs, Valve Cotters for In + Ex.
13) VRO Ex valve Spindles, Con Rod Bolts.
14) VRO Valve rocker Greasers, In + Ex Valve Springs.
15) VRO Inlet rocking Leavers, In + Ex Springs.
16) VRO Bevelled Gearwheel for fuel drive, Injector, Crankshaft Gear.
17) 2YB centre bearings 0.10 + 0.20 o/s
        YB fuel pump rollers
        YBA Cylinder studs
        YB bearings for crankshaft
18) VRO Vertical shaft bevel gears, Valve guides, Bearings for Con Rod
19) DL68 Clutch plate springs
      VPH (165) strainer
      YB Tappets.
      YWB oil relief valve
20) relays and bushes?
      VRO Rocker leaver spring ring/clips
      VRO In + EX Valves
21) 165 sanding valves
      165 Exhaust valve Westinghouse brake
      Fuel pump piston
      VPH injector nozzles
      DL6 Primary gear wheel 23teeth
      DL26 50 Bevel gears
      DL37 Lay shaft
      VO91?? Rockers
      Final spur pinion
      40DL 21 Middle speed
      VRO cylinder heads
      Con rods, refurbished total length 14.75in
      Piston (used) 2.5in X 5.5in
      Piston ring sets marked PSD-53-VSH**
2nd YWAgearwheel
      Gear wheel for crankshaft marked HJG-27
      YB gear wheel for Crankshaft
      YB exhaust silencer
      YB pump drive
      Doublegear shaft
      YBA Pistons with rings (new)
      Push rods 11.5in YA?
      165 Exhaust gaskets
      YB new Exhaust valves
      Injector Ser No 937 FPAL/C 800G
      YBAFinned injector
      Oilcap new
      YBA valve rocker
      YB TappetAss
      YB Bush for idler gear
      YBA Valve guides
      YB Valve rocker
      YBA Cylinder gaskets
      YBA Inlet valves
      YBA small end bush
      YB tappet bushes
      YB ringset **
      Fuel pump operation rack
      YBA cylinder had studs
      YC lube oil strainer
      YWB oil relief valve
      YB floating bush
      YEX + YB ring sets **
      2YB centre bearing
      YB valve springs
      YB Big end bearing 0,010 o/s
      YB delivery valve seats
      Plunger for relief valve
      PETTERS gearwheel for crankshaft

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